Technical details

Corpus made of one single stone
(Natural Stone, Onyx), polished surface.

Corpus of marble stone coated with mussel shells
(Shellstone), polished surface.

Corpus made of solid semiprecious stone plates
(Semiprecious stone), polished surface.

Width: approx. 55cm
Depth: approx. 40cm
Height: approx. 22cm
Weight: 50 – 70 kg
(Dependent on material)

Shapes: rectangular, bellied, bellied swung

Gas pressure assisted lid opening with hydraulic closing damping.

Electronically controlled high-precision humidification
(power supply independent) with auto-control and
differentiated alert signalisation. Maintenance-free water
reservoir germinal protection.

Automatically controlled indirect lighting when humidor is opened.

Lid mirror and case bottom plated in 24 carat gold or finished with chrome steel

Two removable trays with freely adjustable magnetic divider.

Storage capacity up to 200 cigars (Corona format).

The lining is made of solid Cuban mahogany with replaceable
Spanish cedar aroma bars in order to regulate the aroma intensity inside the humidor.